About Tutoring

CentroNía offers a literacy-driven, volunteer-led tutoring program for students in need of extra support and practice with reading. Tutoring is provided five (5) days a week during the Fall and Spring – Monday through Thursday. Students meet with their tutors two (2) hours each session (from 4:00 – 6:00 pm) with an additional session offered on Saturday (from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm) for students unable to participate during the week. CentroNía’s tutoring program is open and free for any student in 1st-8th grade.

Our Approach & Curriculum

CentroNía uses Ready Reading Curriculum that is based on Common Core standards to ensure what students learn in tutoring also supports their growth in school. Before the program begins, participants enrolled in the program take a pre-assessment online to to help us place them at the appropriate reading level when they begin the program. By creating a baseline, we can better assess growth by the end of the program term.

Our primary goal in tutoring is to increase the child’s reading level; however, tutors also play an important mentor-ship role. Over the course of the program, the relationship between tutor and student can boost the student’s confidence in themselves and their work. Volunteer tutors are community members and/or college students who are passionate about the role they play in the lives of their tutees. Many pairs develop incredible bonds, and some tutors even work with the same child for several years.

“On our final lesson, my student wanted to read the whole book by herself. Previously, we would alternate turns or she would get tired and didn’t want to read anymore. This time she told me she wanted to read it all and then she did!”

-Tutoring Volunteer, CentroNía

Prospective Students

Prospective students are added to the program on a rolling basis depending the availability of volunteer tutors. Here is some important information for parents to consider when enrolling their child(ren) into CentroNía’s tutoring program:

  • Students can only miss up to three (3) sessions per semester.
  • When applying for more than one child, separate applications should be filled out per child.
  • Parents can choose to request that their student attend multiple sessions per week; however, our ability to fulfill this request depends on program capacity.

Becoming a Volunteer Tutor

In order to promote stronger relationships between tutors and their students, volunteers are required to commit to a minimum of one day each week (2.5 hours) to the program. At the start of each session (Fall or Spring), volunteers attend a mandatory orientation to learn about the purpose and goals of the tutoring program, how to be an effective tutor, and about the CentroNía community. The tutoring program focuses on English-language literacy, so volunteers must be proficient in reading and speaking English. Spanish skills are helpful, but not required. Once tutors have completed orientation, they are paired with a students for the whole session (Fall or Spring).

All tutors must complete a background check and get a tuberculosis (TB) test in order to volunteer as a tutor.

Interested in enrollment?

The best way to learn about CentroNía and whether our services are right for you and your family is by making an appointment with our Admissions Office and speaking with a representative.